Gameforge Announces Open Beta at the End of the Year

Gameforge has announced how the open beta for Soulworker, its anime-inspired co-op RPG, begins at the end of 2017 for North American and European players. The game is now live in South Korea.
Soulworker can be a 4-player cooperative RPG going down in third-person perspective. Players requires skill and cooperative tactic to defeat enemies using combination attacks for almost any one of Soul Worker Dzenai the four classes the action will initially ship with (Soulum Sword, Mist Scythe, Gun Jazz and Howling Guitar).  It includes PvE content well as over 100 instanced dungeons.
    Playable Anime
    The excellent cel-shaded visuals shine bright even on low-spec machines. Dynamic storytelling with complete voice-overs, cut-scenes and picture in picture render SoulWorker an exceptional playable Anime that players can perfectly fit on their preferences because deep customization system and interactive universe.
    Enthralling Anime story depending on mankind’s battle for survival
    Hordes of enemies threaten the barely standing an entire world of Cheap Soul Worker Dzenai: There's not only beasts off their dimensions, but in addition a private military conglomerate and also other power-thirsty foes wanting to wipe out all humanity.
on May 15 at 04:28 AM

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