Open Beta Test Launch for Anime Action Game Closers

“CALLING ALL CLOSERS!” - En Masse Entertainment announced the Open Beta Test for Closers Credits , their high- octane Multiplayer Online Action RPG (MOARPG), has become available for the general public via direct download at En  Masse as well as on  Steam. Closers combines the intense twitch action of classic 2D beat ’em ups, advanced combo  mechanics of hardcore fighting games, plus the vibrant visuals of contemporary day anime to produce an engaging,  eccentric, and entertaining MMO experience you won’t find any place else.

Twitch Prime members can also be in luck using a special promotion for Closers. Access to the sport as well as a  special bundle of sweet exclusive loot can be purchased now through this promotion - for more resources on the  Closers Twitch Prime Promotion, check out theTwitch Official Blog.

Not a Twitch Prime Member however want the sport and delicious loot? Then read the available Founder’s  Packs for Closers - starting with $14.99, to find out more go to the official Closers Page.

Closers can be a multiplayer online action RPG (MOARPG), beat-em-up having an emphasis on over-the-top brawler  combat, boisterous storytelling and characters with deep and profound backstories. Evil aliens have begun  opening inter-dimensional gates to invade the world and players grab the role of a single of the “ Closers Credits NA ” - a  group of psychic teenagers chosen with the world government - to consider the alien menace and close these  dangerous dimensional portals.
on June 12 at 02:31 AM

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