The issue from the community

The international team may be gathering feedback around the issue from the TOS Silver community coupled with this to say within the official Tree of Savior international site:

    As lots of you know by now we have officially launched Tree of Savior in Korea.

    Regarding the Korean service, we have now received quite a quantity of concerns concerning the market as well as the personal trade systems.

    Although on the moment, we simply cannot say for sure what the international version could be like, we would choose to tell you which the concerns you've got raised with regards to the market and trade systems have been and may be given to our Dev team.

    We cannot make any promises but we would like you to know that individuals will try good to satisfy people that love Cheap TOS Silver .

    Thank you so much on your enthusiasm, support and love.

    We greatly appreciate them!
on July 10 at 02:25 AM

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