Third, Class System

This is in fact what made Tree Of Savior Silver what are known as "Niche" I guess, the no-job-reset continues to be bring a terrific argument between each side. In fact, this would be the only feature that just isn't casual-friendly in entire game as well as can be tackle by do more homework, others content of the game is definitely very forgiving. You do not need special equipment to survive dangerous content, you don't have big penalty upon death.

Welp, the course balance indeed is detrimental but it is just not that bad, it offer an ample amount of viable builds and play-style in the moment (although not all), except swordsman take some serious rework (I much like the pressing C button to tank, it cause you to be only is usually good at either DPS/Tank in a time and not both at a similar time, still Swordsman must chase up DPS a bit for making map exploring at 2-3 stars map easier).

Lastly, the reviewer is true which the Players are feel more punished because in the Game Optimization and not really the overall game content, this could be the true major top notch issue Tree Of Savior Silver for sale which the development require to consider action and resolve ASAP.
on July 11 at 02:32 AM

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