Beat some final bosses in instanced dungeons

You're going and beat some final bosses in instanced dungeons, or specific mercenary missions for getting Tree Of Savior Silver for said chocolates. Aside from your recipe, you would like Cocoa Powder, Whipping Cream, Refined Sugar, along with a chocolate. Once you receive all the ingredients, return them for the Girl In Love, as well as your reward, you’ll have a Gift Cube having a random reward inside.

TOS Silver for sale you'll be able to get inside box include Movement Speed Potion, Settle Support Potion, Warp Scroll, Highly Condensed HP Potion, Highly Condensed SP Potion, Instanced Dungeon Reset Voucher, Big Stamina Pill, Megaphone (ok&hellip, or Superior Gem Abrasive.
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