Fornite's First Vehicle is often a Shopping Cart!

When Fortnite Items for sale is updated to v4.3, players can roll into battle in the shopping cart, something which is sure to strike fear to the hearts of enemies. So stock up a friend and head seem to destroy your enemies while using awe-inspiring power of THE CART!

Other parts from the update:

    a UI continues to be added to allow BR players to monitor Challenge progress while in-game
    A Hero is Born Part 2 is live for Save the World
    Save the World VOIP continues to be added
    Save the World Blockbuster questline is back
    VOIP added for mobile devices
    streamer mode "anonymizes" the streamer's name
    major optimization at the conclusion of match UI
    Limited Time Mode 20v20 v2.0
    Limited Time Mode Blitz! v2.0
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on October 08 at 02:42 AM

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