The lack of bombshell announcements doesn’t subtract

The lack of bombshell announcements doesn’t subtract from the number of high-quality games on display, but the gaming industry’s insistence on secrecy and surprise feels increasingly anachronistic. Movie studios, for instance, don’t like it when images or footage leaks, but they rarely attempt to hush up what they’re working on Fortnite Items once it starts filming.
Publishers could start spacing out announcements throughout the year, and Nintendo already kind of does, but no one wants to miss out on the feeding frenzy of interest and eyeballs that takes place around E3. Epic Games could have held its first big Fortnite tournament on any date and people would have watched Fortnite Items for sale in huge numbers, but why not hold it during E3, when the company knows that players and fans will be glued to their laptops and phones while thinking about video games? It would have been silly not to ride that wave.
on October 09 at 02:04 AM

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