Epic Announces a Twitch Prime Pack using a Cool Outfit, Heroes & a Glider

Epic has announced that Twitch Prime members can link their accounts to Buy Fortnite Items and score some pretty sweet loot with the effort. The Havoc Outfit, Back Bling, Commander Outfit and Slipstream Glider are going to be provided for Battle Royale players, while Save the World players will score a set of new heroes, Havoc and Sub Commando Jonesy. Everyone will even receive four special Twitch chat emotes too.

I understand the word free, nevertheless it still costs money? Yes, a Twitch Prime subscription is free through an Amazon Prime membership, but an Amazon Prime membership does have a price.Do I arrive at keep the stuff? Yup! And once claimed you’ll be competent to glide to a match with your own Twitch Prime rewards. How long will I have to assert the goods? You’ll have until April 30 to say your Twitch Prime rewards, so grab ‘em because you can!
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on October 09 at 02:39 AM

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