The best example in this is lyrics

The best example in this is lyrics. If someone is rapping along with a song and drops the phrase, Twitch’s moderation team can take that into context. That doesn’t necessarily rule your chances of Twitch following through, though, the ones are getting Twitch to increase the risk for rules clearer. Essentially, Twitch’s code of conduct boils down to Fortnite Items some case-by-case basis. The company doesn’t have a very one-size-fits-all rule for holding streamers accountable with the language they use on their own streams.
Blevins acknowledged in their apology on Twitter that while using word, even during music, is wrong. He asked his fans to forgive him, and promised to perform better.
“The easiest way I can explain it really is that Fortnite Weapons I promise that I discover how much pain that word causes, even whether it gets used a great deal in music and elsewhere,” Blevins said. “It’s a thing historically familiar with divide people, and I’m about bringing people together.”
on October 12 at 02:14 AM

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