Fortnite First Look By Omer

Fortnite Weapons is usually a free to experience sandbox zombie survival shooter with linear mission based progression. The game does feature some persistent elements though, namely through resource gathering / crafting recipes (think Warframe). Players can make use of resources gathered from missions to upgrade their base (known as the Stormshield). Kill zombies, craft bases, save survivors, and progress through the experience's skill trees. This video was recorded in Early Access which have to be purchased. The game will probably be free to try out after launching sometime in 2018.

I played a reliable amount of Landmark / EQ Next and it also certainly has got the same form of cartoony feel, but each of the models with this game and simply the flow and responsiveness causes it to be almost infinitely better imo. Been playing it constantly for your last couple of days and yes it is inside my top 5 games with the year.
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