Fortnite Hunting Party Challenge: Where To Find Week 2's Secret Battle Banner (Season 6)

Season 6 of Fortnite rolls on. Another number of weekly challenges are available these days to complete for Week 2, so when usual, if you manage to complete all on the ones from your given week, you'll consequently complete a Fortnite Items Hunting Party challenge--this coming year's equivalent with the Road Trip challenges from Season 5.

The reward for completing a Hunting Party challenge is often a special loading screen, which hides an incredibly subtle hint towards the location of the free item hidden round the island. Typically, them in question is often a free Battle Star, which levels your Battle Pass up by one tier once collected, but toward the finish of Season 5, Epic began hiding banners within their place.

Oddly, it seems like a banner would be the reward for completing the Week 2 Hunting Party challenge. If you've kept up-to-date wonderful Season 6's weekly missions to this point, you'll unlock these loading screen, which depicts a character standing within the middle of an dark forest while werewolves lurk one of many trees. Peer closely enough with the image so you'll find the silhouette of an banner along with a carriage engraved in one with the trees for the right side with the screen.

The carriage in question is available moldering within the desert just on the north of Paradise Palms. Glide to this location on the beginning of your match, obtain the carriage, as well as the banner look above it. Collect it as being you would another item and you also'll be competent to use it as being a profile icon.

If you may need more helping finding the trick banner, we've marked its location for the map below. You could also watch it we put together in the top of this story showing you the place you have to go to collect the banner. However, as has become the case with previous Hunting Party and Road Trip challenges, the banner will simply appear when you have completed the requisite quantity of challenges and unlocked the aforementioned loading screen.

Week 2's challenges arrived after that Fortnite's 6.01 update, and so they task players with visiting corrupted areas and taking advantage of the newly reenabled Shadow Stones during matches, among other missions. Completing these might help level up your Battle Pass, which subsequently will unlock cosmetics as well as other rewards, such as the modern Pets. You can see everything offered this season inside our Season 6 rewards gallery. For help completing challenges, make sure you check out our Season 6 challenge roundup. is capable of providing a better service for Fortnite Items trading. We have provided service for thousands and thousands of players in all over the world.
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