Buy Cheap RS Gold Prepare for King Black Dragon

This Sunday, King Black Dragon will likely be Live in Runescape. King Black Dragon could be the biggest and strong dragon with the game. Now, MMOAH will supply you cheap rs gold with 3% or 5% coupon!        
When and where is King Black Dragon available?        
On July 30th, King Black Dragon RuneScape Gold will probably be available in the artefact in northwest Edgeville, world 39.        
What are requirements and equipments you need to need?        
From King Black Dragon event, Protection from Dragonfire is mandatory. If you don't have dragonfire protection, you must need one of these brilliant equipments, including Anti-dragon shield, Dragonfire shield/ward/deflector, Searing overload, Overload salve, Supreme overload salve, Antifire potions and protect from Buy RuneScape Gold magic/deflect magic.       
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on February 13 at 01:18 AM

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