Judge certifies class-action Madden monopoly lawsuit

In June 2008, two men filed a claim in California District Court alleging that EA’s exclusive contract together using the NFL for football videogames constituted a monopoly under state and federal laws. The suit also contended that EA illegally raised the price with the company's Madden NFL game once its exclusivity agreement eliminated other sellers -- namely, 2K Sports’ NFL 2K5, which, by launching at $19.95 in August 2004 against MUT 19 Coins at $49.95, had forced EA to lower Madden’s price to $29.95 in November. (EA launched Madden NFL 06 in August 2005 at $49.95 on PlayStation 2/Xbox/GameCube, which accounts for the price increase of “nearly 70 percent” that this suit -- which you'll be able to read completely here [PDF] -- mentions.)
The petitioners filed the suit as to be a class-action around the part of all those who have purchased an EA football videogame -- including NCAA Football and Arena Football games likewise as Madden titles -- released for consoles or PC (which excludes mobile releases) since August 2005. That covers a couple of individuals, and caused by U.S. District Court Judge Vaughn R. Walker, the class-action lawsuit may now move ahead. Walker certified the suit yesterday and appointed Hagens Berman (legislation firm that originally filed the complaint) as co-counsel while using participants Madden Mobile Coins inside suit, that can likely result inside jury trial pitting the class-action claimants against EA.
So in case you fall below the purview on the class-action, so what can doing all of this mean accessible for you? Hagens Berman has build a webpage for claimants to subscribe the suit here; also, you could possibly be entitled to rewards or damages awarded for the plaintiffs within the event the class-action filers prevail from the courtroom. And that could amount for a lot of money, collectively. As Steve Berman, managing partner for your firm, put it, “Consumers now make use of a legal standing to demand that EA refund consumers bulk it constructed from Madden NFL in conjunction with sports titles through that that you just contend was an illegal price-gouging scheme.”
on March 25 at 01:11 AM

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