These droids aren't any match for that clones

GS:  Finally, will there be anything else you want to add regarding the game?   
XR:  I think, overall, we actually succeeded in SWTOR Credits translating the animated show feel for the game, and I'm really excited to see that this public reacts. We've definitely seen an optimistic reaction from people if we show them the experience and especially if we let them get involved in it. I think for that older audience...they haven't really been paying lots of attention for the show and in addition they don't feel this recent round of Star Wars is good for Buy SWTOR Credits them. I would say provide the show (and also the game!) the chance to win you over. There's a reason that this animated show will be the highest ranked and watched show around the Cartoon Network at this time.   
GS: Thank you for your efforts! 
on April 15 at 02:14 AM

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