Minecraft is already one of the most popular games in the world , and it has not even left the beta stage yet. The fact that Minecraft is so early in development means a lot of things change in every new update, and without a true manual there are a lot more things that players don’t even know about. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of three things you probably didn’t know about Minecraft, so you can take that knowledge with you to your next server.


1. Golden Tools Are Faster Than Diamond — Contrary to what you may read on various websites breaking down the crafting potential in Minecraft, gold tools actually work faster than diamond, although there is a catch. While it’s true that gold tools can dismantle blocks of stone and dirt much faster, they do not work on more important materials such as obsidian or diamond , and even have a durability equal to that of your standard wood tools. Keep an eye on the progression of usefulness for gold tools however, because if the developers ever decide to allow gold tools to be used on obsidian, then the fact that they break much quicker but work much faster would make them excellent tools for harvesting obsidian.


2. Cobblestone Can Be Smelted — If you didn’t know that cobblestone could be smelted in a furnace, then you’re far from alone. Not only can cobblestone be smelted, but it turns into smooth stone, which is an incredibly useful block that can be used to disguise tracks left behind while digging , or repair stone walls where chests are hiding behind. Smooth stone is a Minecraft veteran’s greatest friend, so before you start throwing away all that extra cobblestone, think of converting at least some of it into smooth stone by smelting it in a furnace, and start thinking of some creative ways to make use of it.


3. F3 Shows Coordinates — Pretty soon Minecraft will be implementing maps into the world, but until then (and possibly still after) knowing the x, y and z of a location is the fastest , and most precise way of sharing location details. The next time you are in a server, simply hit the F3 key to bring up a funky looking graph display, and look near the top left where it should list the X, Y and Z numbers. The X and the Z represent the longitude and latitude, while the Y represents the depth (how many blocks above bedrock level you are). Knowing your coordinates is also really helpful for digging, as rare materials such as diamond can often only be found below around twenty blocks or less above bedrock.

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