Vitality reflects the victory of the Rockets League World Championship

With a one-point drop, the European Rockets' strong team extended the ball to extended time, each time hitting the ground and winning the Newark, New Jersey - Thirteen seconds. This is the time it takes for Renault to keep the game alive. First game in the first of the seven series in the Rockets' Championship series. Winning the 7th World Championship finals.

In the pass of the 21-year-old Alexandre "Kaydop" Courant, the team's young Scottish star, 16-year-old Kyle "Scrub Killa" Robertson, made the game Rocket League Crates into overtime. Throughout the weekend of June 21st to 23rd, Kaydop Talked very little in the interview and excitedly stood up and made a roar.

In the next 4 minutes and 5 seconds, Vitality and their opponent G2 Esports battled door-to-door in the car football game, which will become the legendary opener in the history of the Rockets League. Finally, Vitality hit the G2 goal and Victor "Fairy Peak" Locquet shot. Vitality has just won.

The team's emotional outburst, Kedop, two-time world champion, and two runner-up screams, "Let's go! Yes!"

As the spirit of G2 collapses, the next 45 minutes are like a breeze. In the fourth game, the energy only lost one game but was quickly rebounded and won the fifth game. When Scrub Killa, Fairy Peak, and Kaydop stepped out of the Stage, confetti poured down at the Prudential Center. Scrub Killa kissed the shiny trophy with a car and football. Vitality is the world champion of RLCS.

For all three players, victory means something special. For Fairy Peak, this marks his first world title, which is his most accomplish achievement with Buy Rocket League Crates Kaydop in June 2017. Meanwhile, in his second season, Scrub Killa achieved his potential. In his third career Title in the career, Kaydop reiterated the idea of ​​the community and his companions, the greatest Rocket League player ever.

"I won two lineups, so it's very special," Kaydop said at a post-match press conference.

On Sunday, Vitality and his players brought a star weekend ending. The team lost only one series during the weekend: the best one against the G2 during the group match. Sunday morning marked the quarter-final against NRG Esports in the European Division of the Rockets' Championship Series, the first seed of their equally sown North American counterpart. The game and the semi-final against Cloud9 led to a redemption opportunity for G2, but this time won a $200,000 prize.

In the past six months, when they traveled throughout Europe and North America, this dynamic team tried to figure out what worked and what didn't. In the end, their biggest opponent is themselves.

on June 25 at 03:08 AM

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