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Richard Mille RM 11-03 Rose Gold

Style reshaping is always essential in any work cycle. This requires the watch to be able to maintain its vitality while naturally incorporating the brand's own style. Richard Mille's RM 011 series was launched in 2007 and will be retired. The newly-built Richard Mille RM 11-03 rose gold automatic winding flyback chronograph continues this infinite view. Here is the best copy of RM 11-03 Rose Gold HD images you can find more Richard Mille watches here

Richard Mille's philosophy provides an excellent 3-D design for the RMAC3's self-winding movement, providing the most intuitive visual experience for complex structures. Gorgeous beveled edges lend a deep texture to the watch, and the colorful flyback timer dial and second hand display are displayed around the central time. This impact is still evident in the upper deck, which is made of polished grade 5 titanium alloy, in sharp contrast to the same titanium alloy, but with a PVD coating. Combined with the calendar display of the oversized calendar, the 12-hour cumulative timing and countdown function of the flyback timer, this RM 11-03 self-winding flyback chronograph provides a visual feast for the wearer.

The back of the movement is still a labyrinth of complex structures. Polished and PVD coated bridges accentuate the twin-cylinder assembly, while the newly designed 5-grade titanium alloy variable geometry automatic disc is full of fashion, inspired by the aerodynamic components of Formula 1 racing. Designed for Richard Mille, this technology adjusts the watch's automatic winding speed based on the wearer's activity. Two 18K white gold winglets that have been sandblasted and sanded adjust the inertia of the automatic disc. The 5-stage titanium alloy automatic disc fixed to the ceramic ball bearing is polished and PVD coated to provide 6 optional positions,swiss replica watches, which makes it easy for the after-sales service center to determine the most suitable position for balancing operation according to the wearer's usage habits.

Thanks to the newly equipped RMAC3 self-winding movement, the outstanding performance of the RM 11-03 self-winding flyback chronograph is fully guaranteed. The entire flyback chronograph movement is designed for chronograph timing, while the 5-stage titanium plate and bridge ensure high-performance operation of the gear drive. The side-by-side dual spring design provides up to 55 hours of extra long power storage while ensuring stability. The 4 Hz variable inertia balance has better impact resistance and is more accurate than conventional balance wheels.

The three-layer case has been redesigned to maintain the original style of the watch, adding a touch of style and vibrancy to the sporty look of the watch. Exquisite craftsmanship and countless production processes bring a high level of comfort and perfect polishing, creating a unique case for the watch industry. The surface is completely polished by hand, exquisite and time consuming. Originally the RM 27-01 Rafael Nadal watch, this shape has become a unique symbol of the Richard Mille sports watch. In addition to the obvious differences in casual watches, this design can greatly facilitate the integration of the structure.

RM 11-03 has many details reminiscent of the elements of the car. The unique design of the Grade 5 titanium crown is derived from the rim and tire pattern of the car. The grooved button material is reminiscent of the surface of the racing pedal, which is the same as the common use of titanium in Formula 1 racing cars: NTPT carbon fiber. As with Richard Mille's tradition, the RM 11-03's entire structure is amazing, such as the sapphire crystal on the dial, anti-glare treatment, just right to demonstrate the complexity of the movement. The entire case of the RM 11-03 is assembled from 20 grade 5 titanium alloy spline screws. It is available in red gold, white gold and titanium alloys. The design of the RM 11-03 flyback chronograph is inspired by the development of the automotive industry. This is a comprehensive sports watch that proudly explains the latest aesthetics of Richard Mille. This watch was officially unveiled at the 3rd Richard Mille (Art and Elegant Antiques) Auto Show.

The second factory, the ultra-modern ProArt SA, opened in April 2013 and is dedicated to the production of the Richard Mille case and other components, including precious metals, titanium and composite substrates, buttons, bridges and bracelet components. Built with environmentally friendly materials, the building is the first building in the state of Jura to use geothermal heating and cooling systems.Urwerk Watches replica

In the years that followed, Richard Miller continued to push the boundaries of innovation, introducing unconventional, often unprecedented materials and new production methods. You can learn more about this in the links at the end of this article.

An example of the constant pursuit of new challenges is the introduction of the Tourbillon RM 27-02 Rafael Nadal at the 2015 French Open in Stade Roland Garros. This watch features the first hollow, one-piece base plate that combines the case and base plate without the need to connect the two components together: a solution that requires extensive knowledge and experience in micromachining of new materials. Inspired by the chassis of the car, this structure greatly increases rigidity and impact resistance.

At the 2016 Japan Salon Haute Horlogerie Exhibition in Geneva, the RM 67-01 became the most fashionable style of all the barrel-style Richard Miller timepieces.

The latest outstanding achievement comes from the RM 50-03 McLaren F1 in early 2017, a masterpiece produced in collaboration with the famous McLaren Formula 1 builder, creating the record of the lightest mechanical chronograph ever. Combined with the tourbillon and the minute-second chronograph, the RM 50-03 weighs less than 40 grams, including the strap.

Since its inception in 2001, Richard Mille has created timepieces in a relatively short period of time. These timepieces have become the ultimate symbol of wealth and success without shining or relying on precious metals or precious stones. Intrinsic Value.

Founded in three key elements - the best in technology innovation, the best in art and architecture, the best in tradition and the finest watchmaking culture - Richard Miller's replica luxury watches success is also due to the surprise of the market, so we are eager to see Next step.


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