World of Warcraft will release the next major update on June 25 - Rise of Azshara

According to the latest news from Blizzard's official website, the next major update - Rise of Azshara will provide players with two new areas to explore, and will be the worst of the battles of Azeroth that players will complain about. The system is improved. This makes many players very happy.
It has been determined that the 8.2 version of World of Warcraft is called "Rise of Azshara" and will be officially released on June 25. Previously, Blizzard had released a new trailer on YouTube. Since the Azeroth battle was renewed, many players have been disappointed with Azeroth's heart and Azet's armor system because they found that these new systems did not bring a critical boost to the role unless they spend a lot of time . Blizzard tried to improve the situation with this 8.2 patch, and to make large-scale repairs and improvements to systems that are not popular with players, making the process of building equipment more enjoyable. Not only that, Rise of Azshara will introduce two gorgeous new areas for players, as well as a new giant dungeon and, more importantly, a brand new raid.
This update is the second major update since the Battle of Azeroth, which means that there are many valuable new items waiting for the players to explore and discover. Players can travel to various areas of Nazjatar and Mechagon, and complete the various tasks that NPC provides to drive the development of the main story. If you have completed the long-term success before this, and you get the reward of new equipment and new armor, you can quickly unlock the flying function of the mount, and your mount will be able to walk on the water. In addition, there are two new Island Expeditions.
Then, on July 9, season 3 will officially begin, players can get new myths + affixes through Azshara's Eternal Palace raid. The PvP ranking system will also be reset and some new rewards will be added to the rewards list. The WoW Classic will be officially released at the end of August, and players can purchase the cheap Vanilla WOW Gold at ZZWOW.
Although this 8.2 patch does not completely improve the system of all Azeroth battles that players complain about, the new content is always exciting, especially for new areas and new tasks to explore.
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