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  • Jennifer Lopez looked chic last year with a colorful Emilio Pucci jacket and

    matching bikini top teamed with strappy nude wholesale bikinis Gucci sandals at Drai’s rooftop

    party in Las Vegas.

    Though the nude color didn’t compete with the hues of her top, the entertainer

    opted for a sleek style with a braided T-bar silhouette that incorporated

    hardware around the ankle strap.

    Naomi Campbell cut a chic figure turning beachwear into a smoldering red carpet

    outfit. The supermodel arrived at the 2016 “Zoolander 2” premiere wearing a

    Marc Jacobs coat with a black bikini top and brief. She completed the look with

    a pair of strappy silver sandals with ornate embroidery and cutout detail.

    The Philadelphia Police Department, which I called on Tuesday, said it doesn’t

    have a statement regarding the allegations. Inspector George Kappe – who works

    at PPD’s headquarters and who spoke to me in person during the two-man protest

    despite his claims of not being aware of the article – said “of course it’s

    not” standard practice for officers to dig around in a suspect’s underwear,

    but that an officer can do so if “they think they feel something.”
    If a citizen is uncomfortable during an invasive stop, Inspector Kappe

    recommends requesting a supervisor, yet also abiding by “what the officer is

    doing at the time.”
    Mr. Brinkley disagrees and says this is an issue about protocol, which is

    “If you have to do an invasive search, you have got to get the authority of

    the Captain,” asserted Mr. Brinkley. “Even if the captain isn’t there, you

    hold that person and you get the proper authorization and then there’s a

    proper place you do it. You do not do that out in public!”
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