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Some of the most successful fighters today have a ground game Womens Sandy Koufax Jersey , wrestling skills, and superior striking. Look at fighters such as Chuck Liddell, Vanderlei Silva, Randy Couture, and Fedor Emelianenko. They are some of the most dominant fighters today, and all are very strong in the technical areas of the ground game, wrestling skills, and striking. But what if each fighter is evenly matched in skill and technique? What if each fighter has the same mind set and the will to win? How will today s warrior continue to adapt in order to win at this elite level? That is the next revolution in the metamorphosis of the sport we called mixed martial arts: the revolution of physical preparation.

In addition to all the technical skills, a fighter must possess the right amount of bullish strength, speed, power, endurance, flexibility, and mental toughness. He or she must also pay great attention to their nutritional and physical status to improve their performance and prevent injury. They must know how, when, and why to strategically train in certain ways at certain times and when to take a day or two off. Without all of this knowledge and understanding, much of the training behind Mixed Martial Arts is just the guesswork that has been used for centuries.

Becoming an MMA fighter doesn t happen over night. Being able to staying focused and dedicated to learning and wanting to improve will help the new MMA fighter to succeed. Joining with friends or colleagues can also help you to stay motivated. Don t forget to take an interest in the world of UFC and MMA, as there will be plenty to learn from the professionals both on screen and in interviews. Also, there are many MMA websites that offer advice and training tips.

When you look at the fighters of today, you can see that this revolution has started. The days of the overweight, out of shape brawler are a thing of the past. This is the age of the technical, conditioned, fit and strong SUPERFIGHTER.

A fighter s physical foundation is the cornerstone for eventual success in the mixed martial arts. If a fighting warrior is not as strong, fast, and flexible as he or she could be and has poor nutrition, that warrior will never perform to potential in the ring or on the mat. This will most likely keep an athlete from the pinnacle of the mixed martial arts world.

A warrior never wants to look back at their fight or even their career and know that he or she could have done more, or that the reason for a loss was not being properly physically prepared. No warrior ever wants to see an opportunity for a punch, take down, or submission and miss it because he or she was too slow, too tired, too weak, or too inflexible to pull it off. Every warrior needs to master this knowledge about their own physical preparation, so that when there is the opportunity to punch, kick, knee, shoot, or submit, THEY SEIZE IT!

If you enjoyed this article and would like to read more about the mixed martial arts please go to The MMA Zone at We have included subjects about the history of mma, training, diet, and mental approaches to the sport.

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