WoW Classic: experienced veteran players will also encounter difficulties

World of Warcraft was first released in 2004. At that time, players usually chose to ignore the Cheap WOW Classic Gold loot obtained when killing monsters. In order to make the level increase faster, it is better for players to save the time to pick up loot after killing monsters and start the next battle immediately, but they also lose a lot of fun. WoW Classic provides a second chance for players who are pursuing this kind of fun. Although you may have to wait in the queue for a long time to kill the mission target monster or collect specific items required by the NPC, the game also becomes More playable. You will see tens of thousands of players crowding the screen, provided you can successfully enter the game.
We have a lot to say about WoW Classic. First, you will find familiar art, NPCs, and mission texts in the game, as well as the gameplay. They are retained to the greatest extent, bringing the game closer to the most primitive World of Warcraft. The mechanics and systems in WoW Classic are very different from modern WoW, so that some of the normal functions are reported as bugs by players, in fact that's exactly what they look like in World of Warcraft. This situation made many old players in modern WoW feel uncomfortable. Before August 27, they were worried that WoW Classic was too simple and lacked playability. But when WoW Classic was officially released, the difficulty of the game surprised them.
Because the level cap is lower and you have fewer skills, you will find the battle process easier than modern WoW. You don't need to worry about the skills being interrupted, because most combat skills will be released in an instant, and you don't need to move constantly during the battle to avoid enemy attacks, because that has no effect. What you need to do is to release all your skills to the enemy as much as possible in the unit time, provided that you have enough magic support. In fact, what annoys most players is the choice of talents. You need to be careful to assign each talent point, otherwise you will need to spend a lot of Vanilla WOW Gold to reset the talents tree. For me, ZZWOW is the best site for players to buy WoW Classic Gold.
And, it's harder for you to kill monsters in WoW Classic, especially monsters in groups. Because there is no level zoom function, in most cases, the monsters you encounter are relatively high, and each of their attacks may threaten your life. And the role of hit rate in the game is very important, once your attack misses, you waste a chance to attack. Your character, in general, will be much easier to kill than what you’re used to from the modern game. The first version of World of Warcraft was hard, and it remains so today, even if you know what to expect.
Other players in chat frequently crow about the many ways in which this memory of World of Warcraft is different than the modern version of WoW, typically siding with Classic. Everything is exactly the same as it was, they say, and that’s the way they like it.
on December 16 at 06:02 AM

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