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For Team Vitality's Fouad"Rafsou" Fare, he's eager to see more trouble added to the game:"My team-mate Brian explained that departure is now tougher to do. It's Fut 20 Coins great because the players who are so fast with passing the ball will try and alter their play-style because that won't be as safe any more. 
For me, I could do both, so it's not a problem. "In FIFA 19 it's relatively simple to ping the ball across the pitch together with moves landing in your team-mates' feet nine days out of 10. In FIFA 20, simple passes will continue to be consistent but first-time passes and passes while under stress my now result in weaker or slower hits, giving your opponent a much better chance to intercept. However, you can now manually dink your moves to mix things up in a refreshing change.
Another change that has Rafsou enthusiastic is that the cheap FIFA 20 Coins removal of chained skill moves that he considers will be a huge shift for FIFA's aggressive scene. PlayStation runner-up Nicolas"Nicolas99fc" Villalba echoed that sentiment:"I viewed on Twitter some matters about the skill-moves. For example, this year you can perform four elasticos in a row. 
"I scored a goal against MoAuba from the Playoffs after doing three elasticos... which isn't realistic. That is changed. Should you perform a second elastico shortly following your player might get rid of the ball and I think that is great."
on September 09 at 01:39 AM

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