How do I create an account?
It’s very easy, unlike many social networks, we tried to simplify the procedures. Just access our webpage: http://greenpoint.green/users/register and register. We remind you that your IP address will be registered and in case of an abusive registration, we are able to find you.

Please maintain a green attitude and give a positive contribution to the World, otherwise you will not be welcomed and your actions will have legal consequences.

What data will I display on my profile definition?
By altering your profile definitions, you can control the way others see you and your profile. These definitions include elements like your name, profile picture and localization.

Is my data secured?
As you can see, we don’t request much information to register and participate and we guarantee their safety. However, we are not responsible for data that you can publish on chats, videos and images, you have full responsibility for these.

If I publish something and later on regret doing it, how can I remove it?
You can always edit and delete any published content, you only have to login and delete the content. If you have any doubts, please contact us by email at: info@greenpont.green.

If I want to report an image or publication how can I do it?
All you have to do is send us an (from the same email you used on your profile) to: abuse@greenpoint.green and our team will look into the situation and will contact you.

I’m not sure if the images and videos I’m publishing are subjected to copyright, what should I do?
You are responsible for the content you publish, so we advise you to be sure about the content you publish. When in doubt, it’s best not to publish it.

If I encounter any difficulties in creating my profile or any other questions, who can help me?
In case of difficulty or questions please send us an email, preferably in English, stating your questions or difficulties. Our team will help you with whatever you need.

If I want to close my account, how should I do it?
All you have to do is send an email (from the same email you used on your profile) and request the closing of your account and our technical support team will perform a complete deletion of your account and published content.

Will my published content also be deleted or will Greenpoint keep it?
No, your content will be deleted, there will only be a record that on the X date you registered and on the Y date your registration was deleted.