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Terms of Use:

The current contents can eventually present inaccuracies. Green Point is entitled to change or correct all published information at any given time.

We will remove any content published by our users without warning if this content is deemed as inappropriate.

The responsibility for this published content belongs solely to the user who publishes them.

The users can browse the platform anonymously, without supplying any personal information. If they register themselves, all the supplied data is protected by ethical, moral and secrecy values.

Users have full responsibility for all content published they publish and this published content will be suspended or deleted in case they are subject of an abuse report which is confirmed to be true. In case of doubt, any content or user will be suspended without specific notice.

In some services, cookies (text file saved on the user’s computer with the purpose of customizing the visits) can be used to count the number of visits to the website without personally identifying the user. This type of cookies does not store or collect any kind of personal information from the user and its installation can always be controlled through the user’s browser.

Terms of Privacy and Security:
All the supplied data is protected by ethical, moral and secrecy values. The responsibility for the published content and the way this content is published: private, group or general, belongs solely to the user.

Each login, registration and all activity are not monitored and a safety and security system is in place. In case and only in case of undesirable content which infringes good sense, moral and copyright, by reasons of security, our technical team will activate a system which can trace the activity on each account and detect the login and activity IPS. We guarantee that these actions will only occur by security reasons and the activity of each user will be fully protected.

Be responsible, think before you publish anything, when in doubt don’t publish, you know that you can control who can see your published content, use this feature if necessary.

We are concern with the security of our users. We work to protect the security of your content and your account.

We cannot guarantee that unauthorized third parties will not breach our security measures. Please let us know immediately if you suspect of any unauthorized access to your account or if the account is in some way compromised.

Help us fight spammers, keeping this social network clean and green.

Some published content may display links to third parties websites or other events and activities which do not belong and are not controlled by Greenpoint. We do not take any responsibility for any of these third parties websites, their information, materials, products or services.

If you access a third party website, you will do so at your own risk, Greenpoint will not have any subsequent responsibility for the use or access to any third party website as well as their services, products or contents.

In case you notice any inappropriate user or content, please inform us as soon as possible so that we can keep this social network green and clean.

Help us fight the mental and visual garbage which can appear..

If you have any doubts, please contact us by email at info@greenpoint.green 

If you want to report an abuse, please contact us immediately by email at abuse@greenpoint.green.

Let’s help in keeping this social network, which is also yours, clean and green.


Privacy policy:
• Personal data filled out on contact forms or other forms of the website, serves only to respond to the customer's request and only that, not being used for any databases or other purposes.

Data Protection Policy:
• For our company the protection of customer data is fundamental, fully agreeing with the new European Law and others to come, in this sense we made an investment where we installed a dedicated SSL certificate that encrypts any information placed on the website, you can notice that the Our site is listed as Safe Link.

Cookie Policy:
• The cookies used on the website are only Essential Cookies, these cookies are essential to access the pages of the site and allow only browsing the site, not collecting any user data or browsing.